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Sr. Num.


1 Sh. Harbir Singh, PCS Commissioner
2 S. Paramjit Singh, Assistant Commissioner
3 Sh. Satish Saini, Corporation Engineer
4 Sh. Harpreet Singh Assistant Corporation Engineer
5 Sh. Kuldip Singh, Assistant Corporation Engineer
6 Sh. Jai Deep Kharb, Urban Planner
7 Sh. Ashwani Sharma J.E. Electrical
8 Sh. Ashwani Sharma J.E. Water Supply and Horticulture
9 Sh. Lovedeep Singh J.E. Civil
10 Sh. Pawan Kumar JE Civil
11 Sh. Rajan Kumar (Accountant)
12 Sh. Swami Singh (Superintendent)
13 Sh. Amit Kumar (Superintendent)
14 Sh. Avtar Singh (ADFO)
15 Sh. Navdeep Sharma (Chief Sanitary Inspector)
16 Sh. Janak Raj (Sanitary Inspector)
17 Sh. Surinder Kumar (Sanitary Inspector)
18 Sh. Gurmail Singh (Superintendent)
19 Sh. Jasbir Singh (Inspector Liescence)
20 Sh. Jagroop Singh (Inspector Sanitary Branch)
21 Sh. Kehar Singh (Inspector)
22 Sh. Mukal Kesar (Inspector Property Tax)
23 Sh. Anoop Singh (Inspector Accounts)
24 Smt. Rajbans Kaur(Inspector Gen. Branch)
25 Sh. Sanjiv Kumar (Inspector)
26 Sh. Nachtar Lal (Inspector Rent Branch)
27 Smt. Sarabjit Kaur, HDM
28 Sh. Ankit Kumar, Draughtsman
  29 Sh. Sameer Bali, Draughtsman



This is the official website of Municipal Corporation of Hoshiarpur under Department of Local Self Government, Punjab.


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